Deploy your devices anywhere.
Our cloud platform provides your enterprise with the flexibility of deploying and managing your sensors and devices anywhere, any time.
The CloudIOTCore is an "end-to-end" IoT management and data ingestion platform designed to provide enterprises with a single pane, unified view of their organizations infrastructure and data. Our platform works with many third party hardware and software solutions to provide the base framework for seamless and secure connection of IoT devices to the cloud.

Our platform helps deliver innovations to your industry faster by lowering the IoT barrier to entry, reducing deployment complexity whilst providing scalability and security, and allowing for your enterprise to make data driven, actionable business decisions on the fly, whether your deployment is supporting a handful of sensors of millions of IoT devices.
a real IoT protocol MQTT

The MQTT interface is different from the REST in the sense that it’s using a broker in between the source and the user. So the connection is not direct and both the source and the user are connected to the broker which means that if both are behind firewalls, all calls will be outbound - which is usually supported by firewalls.

The name MQTT comes from the classical Message Que (MQ) technology from IBM and the basic function is the same where the MQ system are the broker between the subscriber and the generator of data. MQTT is a fully IoT protocol. 
REST server and client Interfaces
The REST protocol is basically a client/server type of communication like OPC. It was developed as an extension to HTTP and is a so called web service like the more advanced SOAP. It basically exposes a number of simple commands like POST, PUT, GET and DELETE that the client can send to the server.

Though the use of REST interfaces is very well known and a very easy way to access data and are therefore used in many applications.