Industry 4.0 IIOT
Welcome to the Smart Factory Eco System
Making old machines fit for the Internet
In order to make these older machines fit for Industry 4.0, we offer new devices with integrated IoT modules, and upgrade with sensors, software and an IoT-capable industrial controller, so that the existing production line that has evolved over time and contains machines of different ages will be reusable and minimize the wastage. 

Our IoT solution brings all connected assets to a single dashboard giving you a bird’s eye view into plant performance.

When machines connect to the IoT platform, the powerful data processing engine crunches time series data from machine sensors and control units to provide near real-time analytics. These insights aid OEMs and plant managers in

- Optimizing machine utilization
- Predicting and preventing failures
- Reducing maintenance costs
- Improving machine performance
- Increasing customer satisfaction

ndustry 4.0 is the Internet of Things in production and networks the entire value chain. That means it connects machinery, products, people and systems so as to enable processes that are largely automated.
Companies can produce goods more efficiently, flexibly and cheaply in a smart factory.

​Industry 4.0 doesn’t mean squeezing the most out of what’s technically feasible. Instead, enterprises have to fully digitize their production to survive on the market, since international competition is intense. Optimizing processes and cutting costs therefore become the supreme discipline. Smart, connected systems also enable companies to profitably produce smaller quantities tailored to customers’ individual wishes. That gives them the opportunity to stand out from cut-price vendors who pressurize the market with mass products.​