The connected, smart car — comes as a revolutionary way for us to drive and stay in touch with the world around at the same time. The automotive sector has the potential to become a prominent IoT champion and pump up adoption of IoT cloud services adoption among car owners.

Our cloud platform streamline development of connected car applications by times and ensure smooth integration between separate modules of the connected car within a secure cloud environment, it is highly scalable and can easily handle thousands of connected vehicles simultaneously.
​​We support standard IoT protocols, such as MQTT, and utilise the following benefits; 

- Reliable and fault-tolerant data collection for your vehicle trackers and other embedded sensors;

- Advanced and flexible IoT data visualization for both real-time and historical vehicle data;

- Customizable end-user dashboards to share data from the vehicle tracking system with end users and customers;

The platform provides production ready cloud infrastructure to connect your smart cars and vehicles, collect, store and analyze various vehicle data, and share results of the analysis with your customers and end-users.

As a cloud-enablement platform for value-added user services and applications. Car manufacturers, maintenance and service companies, insurance companies, and entertainment providers can all offer a broad range of Kaa-powered innovative services for connected car owners.

i.      Connected vehicle sensors
ii.     Real-time car telematics tracking
iii.    Vehicle location tracking and scheduling solutions
iv.    Fuel tracking
v.     Speed control
vi.    Vehicle usage analytics
vii.   Car leasing solutions
viii.  Fleet and driver management
ix.    Traffic management, workload management